Blogging as a spiritual experience

Deutsche Version: Das Bloggen als spirituelle Erfahrung .


I have begun to blog several months ago after I realized it would be good to write down some of the numerous thoughts which go though my mind. Despite their tentative and evolving nature I have the hope they can be useful to other people dealing and struggling with similar issues.

I am deeply disturbed by the fact that legitimate debates and discussions between Christians and atheists are degenerating into rhetorical tricks, name-calling and emotional bullying.

Since I began blogging and commenting I’ve been confronted with very hostile people from both extremes of the political and religious spectrum (needless to say that their enmity was sometimes due to mistakes I did).

I have progressively realized that this represents a wonderful opportunity for me to follow one of Jesus hardest comments, namely loving one’s enemies like oneself.



I haven’t real enemies in my real life and I almost never encounter people showing any kind of hostility against me. Things look really different on the Internet where many folks can allow themselves to be aggressive, disdainful and hateful without having to fear any personal consequence, being protected by the veil of anonymity.

This is where the temptation comes in to respond to this by using the same means. As Christians, it is vital to ask oneself, at that moment how one can love the other person in spite of her behavior, that is how to search her good despite all the anger one might feel inside.

Rebuking and using irony might sometimes be in order but NEVER with the goal to break her.

All this Internet experiences show me I have a lot of progresses to achieve in many respects. But this can be a marvelous way to become more and more loving and compassionate.

And as the apostle Paul would say, if I possess the best arguments of the world but don’t have love, I am nothing.



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20 thoughts on “Blogging as a spiritual experience

  1. Lothar,

    Saying that people who disbelieve Christianity are enemies is disingenuous from your part. You are name calling Christian disbelievers as “anti-theists”, and “Nazi” or “Neo- Nazi”.

    You are reading beyond the disbeliever message, by calling him/her “full of rage”, “aggressive”, “disdainful”, or whatever projections you may have against Christian disbelievers.

    If you have posted your real identity, or even if you’d post your real address, you’d be paranoid to just think that ONE disbeliever would go to your house and insult you personally.

    I gave my real name and even the address on some Christian blogs, and guess what? I got Jehovah Witness, and members of a Baptist church nearby, coming to my house and preaching the “love” of Jesus because, like you, they think I am an enemy who should be “loved”.

    You cannot love your enemies unless you make enemies. And you’ll make a lot of enemies by spreading Christian “love” outside your church.

    • I wanted (and still want) to answer you but I am really shocked by your premature conclusion:

      “If you don’t like atheists to posts on your blog, don’t leave your link on atheist blogs. You waste the atheists time.

      I’m sorry that I wasted my time writing in your blog that should be only for your like”

      That you are not the first I wrote an answer to does not mean it is not my intention.

    • Hello sorry to answer you so late.

      First I would like to know more about you in order that we don’t misunderstand each other.

      What were your previous experiences with Christianity?

  2. Hallo lotharson! Du (wenn ich dich verdutzen darf) klingst, als ob Du ein guter Nachbar wärest. Ich bin Atheist, aber mir ist eigentlich egal, was man glaubt, so lange man sich benimmt.

    Melde dich, wenn Du einmal in Wien bist, und ich bezahle das Mittagsessen.

    cheer from cool Vienna, zilch

    • Hallo, vielen Dank für den Vorschlag!

      Einen Kommentaren von einem Österreicher zu bekommen war wirklich unerwartet 🙂

      Ich bin aber kein Deutscher sondern ein Lothringer, wie ich bei meiner Einführungsseite erkläre.

      Liebe Grüsse, Marc.

      • Du, Marc- ich weiß, daß du Lothringer bist. Ich bin eigentlich kein Österreicher, sondern Kalifornier, aber ich wohne seid vielen Jahren in Wien. Ich habe Deine Kommentare beim Gospel Coalition gelesen. Ich fürchte, daß deine Milde wenig Anklang findet bei amerikanischen Fundamentalisten.

        Wurst. Hauptsache, wir leben in Frieden.

        Liebe Gruße aus Wien, Scott.

        • Hallo Zilch.

          Es ist ja wirklich deprimierend, dass es in den vereinigten Staaten so viele militante Christen und Atheisten gibt, die sehr agressiv, herablassend und selbstgerecht sind.

          Ich freue mich sehr darauf, wenn du weiter meinen Blog verfolgst 🙂

          Liebe Grüsse aus Metz (Lothringen), Marc.

  3. Hallo Marc- ich freue mich auch sehr, dich wenigstens cybernetisch kennen zu lernen. Ich bin ja Atheist, aber mir ist eigentlich egal was man glaubt, so lange man sich benimmt.

    Liebe Grüße aus Vindobona, zilch.

    P.S. Ich war einmal vor vielen Jahren in Metz. Eine schöne Stadt, und das Essen war auch sehr gut…

  4. “And as the apostle Paul would say, if I possess the best arguments of the world but don’t have love, I am nothing.” Great reminder to me – more important than being right is (being) loving. 🙂

  5. It’s not just discussions between atheists and Christians that get nasty, it’s debates between Christians that are just as bad if not worse. There seems to be a perception that to disagree with someone is to hate them, or that to disagree with someone you have to hate them. How we got here is very strange but until we get out of it, we’re likely to be always in this mess.

  6. It is preferable not to engage in abusive arguments.
    If someone is abusive I just ignore their comments and do not reply.
    St. Paul said not to engage is doubtful disputation.
    And I agree.

    • Yeah, if someone is bullying you, it’s certainly a sensible way to act.

      But in my case I’d also take the person to task for this and explain why her behavior is immoral.

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