On anti-white racism and extraordinary claims

Deutsche Version: Über den antiweissen Rassismus und aussergewöhnliche Behauptungen.

I pointed out in another post the huge ethnic tensions taking place in France.



First of all I want to make clear where I am coming from.

I believe that everyone ought to treat a fellow human being as he would like to be himself treated. Therefore I think that all kinds of discrimination should be equally combated regardless of the identity of the perpretators and victims.

Now few self proclaimed anti-racists would reject this principle, at least in public.

But they would say that racism almost always stems from white people and that acts of racism against white persons are extremely rare and can be neglected in comparison with the reverse phenomenon.

Yet the daily experience of many white folks living in French suburbs shows that nothing could be further from the truth.

If a group of skinheads besieged the house of a black family and told to the husband: „We will fuck your black whore!“, I have no doubt that the story would be included on the first page of mainstream newspapers.

Yet when a white family went though the same ordeal, the story was largely ignored and explained away by so-called anti-racist organizations.

This is only one among countless cases of anti-white racism on the French territory. The perpretators are most often young arabs of the second and third generation along a smaller number of blacks who believe that their justified anger against the past and current abuses and discriminations of the French society gives them the right to hate all white people.

Psychologically this is a gruesome form of collective punishment, the idea that the misdeeds of an individual justify the punishment of his whole family, clan, ethnic group, religion and even race.

Western liberals seem completely unable to recognize that people of European descent can also be victims of the same wicked logic. Interestingly enough, when Jews are the victims of cruel acts of violence commited by ethnic gangs with a Muslim background, politicians and intellectuals will immediately speak out against the crimes.

But when non-Jewish white people report of the same horrible experiences they went through, these are most often ignored, explained away or minimized.


I think this is, interestingly enough, related to the epistemological principles „Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence“ and „the absence of evidence is evidence of absence.“ I have critically examined.

For Western liberals, the assertion that anti-white racism is as much a problem as racism from white people is truly an extraordinary claim.

Therefore normal evidence cannot be accepted for proving the reality of the phenomenon.

Thus it should not be reported by serious journalists.

And if it is not found in the mainstream medias, it can be most likely neglected.

For surely mainstream medias describe reality in an almost objective way, and those denying this are crackpot conspiracy theorists and white supremacists.

Sadly, this has led many white folks suffering under the situation to put all their hopes in far right groups. This is the main reason why 20% of the French electors vote for the fachist leader of the national Front, Marine Le Pen. They are ignored and defeamed by all other political parties but welcome by right extremists who seriously take into consideration their problems.

It goes without saying this is an explosive situation which fosters a vicious circle of hatred.


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14 thoughts on “On anti-white racism and extraordinary claims

  1. I can only agree, Marc. Racism in any direction should be combatted. But I’m afraid when it gets to the point that the police must step in, it’s already too late to do much. People need to be brought up to not be racists. But that’s leichter gesagt als gemacht.

  2. i’m black, and i know that racism is wrong in any colour in which it shows itself.

    now, in spite of the claims of the liberals, and the media coverage–or lack thereof–of anti-white racism, would the perpetrators of these crimes get equal treatment under the law?

    also, i think by calling it “anti-white racism” this tends to make it that this is not racism, but perhaps some special type of struggle against racism, if you see what i mean. when in fact it should be called straight up racism, cause that’s what it is.

    if the evidence is there that a bunch of youths of a certain ethnic background beat up a person of another ethnic background, well what other evidence do you need? if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck …

    and yes, as Zilch recommends, we need to educate people–which is a big discussion all by itself, right.

  3. Interesting… I see how such issues can be problematic for politically left-wing people (like me). There are some problems with racial and religious minorities in many european countries, but there are also very real problems with racial prejudice and discrimination coming from the majority. It is *very* hard to address such problems without providing fuel to racial prejudices and right-wing extremists.
    For example, there were many discussions in the atheist community over the word “islamophobia” – whether it is a meaningful description of behaviour that actually exists or just a killer argument to silence ALL criticism directed at Islam and Muslims, no matter whether it has a rational basis or not.
    I personally believe that “islamophobia” actually is a meaningful word, and it does describe attitudes that many people have (extremely so in the USA and Israel, but also in many other countries, including Germany). One example for that would be the people that think that Islam is *necessarily* a violent religion and that there can be no peaceful Muslims, because they think that the Qu’ran commands Muslims to kill infidels (those people are obviously blissfully ignorant about what some Bible verses have to say about unbelievers…). This, I think, is a “phobia” in the true sense of the word, a fear that is irrational and completely out of proportion with the actual danger that is being posed.
    And providing further fuel to such attitudes is what political left-wing people are afraid of (although I also think that there were many situations were most left-wing journalists and politicians were simply complete cowards and hypocrites on such issues – when we had the discussions over the Mohammed caricatures for example).

      • Lotharson, the one thing I disagreed with here was your statement that when Jews are the victims people speak up. It’s less and less true I think. There’s whole communities of French Jews in Canada fleeing anti semitism from, well I don’t know if it’s less insensitive to identify the perps by race or religion, but it’s not usually the National Front. Here in the UK it’s been revealed that’s tens of thousands of girls have been raped by mainly minority gangs, sometimes (though Liberals deny it, motivated in part by anti white hatred. All this covered up in the name of multiculturalism. Like you I am enlightenment left in my instincts, but the moral depravity of the European left is fathomless. In Scandinavia gangs raping girls as young as 12 get community service, except in one case where a gang rapist who had had his photo published was deemed to have suffered enough. In the UK one in 8 men over 21 convicted of raping girls 12 or under gets a non custodial sentence. If this is Left you can count me out.

        • Hi Gille!
          Thanks for your comment.

          I think that many pseudo-progressives hijack the label for themselves and replace one oppression by another.

          Many slaves of political correctness don’t have the gut to recognize that criminal foreigners should be driven out.

          • It’s not quite that simple though is it? Many of the perps are second or third generation and born British or French etc. And if we start stripping birthright citizens where do we stop? I mean my grandfather was Irish, my great grandfather Mongolian. But I’m all for a firm hand against those who can legitimately be deported for sure.

          • For me, being French, German, English… isn’t a matter of skin color or birthplace but one of personal identification with the country.

            You’re right there is no easy solution.

            I do feel a duty to act in a compassionate way towards poor and honest immigrants from any country.

            But not towards hateful ones.

  4. Somewhat related, I think anti-Christian violence in the Islamic countries is severely under-reported. In some cases, it’s “well intentioned” bias but it is disturbing nonetheless. By the way, your blog is a great read!

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