Edward Snowden isn’t welcome at all in Germany

I am extremely disappointed by the recent decision of Angela Merkel NOT to grant asylum to Edward Snowden who would have been a witness of the scandalous American violation of the pricacy of normal citizens in other countries.
This is not that stunning since the German ruling class has an impressive track record of prefering to serve wild capitalism rather than justice.


It looks like the true rulers of America will keep doing all what they want with their European vassals.





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6 thoughts on “Edward Snowden isn’t welcome at all in Germany

  1. Poor democracy didn’t see capitalism coming! Hopefully a change is coming though, here in Canada there is starting to be more talk and even some action on the transparency front, at least from one major opposition political party. It’s going to be a tough battle to move from capitalism to a more transparent world though. It is going to take some brave and bold people to take those steps honestly and responsibly.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t believe this is going to happen. The ruling class will keep holding fast to its greed whereas the normal people won’t stop being manipulated.

      However we can pray and act in such a way that socialism will be the rule within the Church. If you read the Gospels and the act of the Apostles, it’s hard for me not drawing the conclusion that the authors thought that social justice is of uttermost importance for God.

      • If you look to the Old Testament, early on, you have the ruling class becoming arrogant and away from God, then turning back to being humble and close with God … and it swings back and forth. I think we are coming to a time where so many institutions on many stages have become arrogant, and the people are becoming more aware of this, partly thanks to people like Mr. Snowden.

        I think there will be a lot more positive momentum in the area of social justice building in the nearer future. The current pope, from what I’ve read, has taken some positive steps to follow in Jesus’ footsteps than some of the more recent ones.

  2. I don’t see this being the result of capitalism per se, just US strong economic pressure that is better described as Cronyism if one wants to be technical.
    I think Snowden’s life will be more at risk in Germany because of its close ties to the US. I think he will be safer in Russia from the reach of US covert operation so the side effect of this unfortunate decision by the German Government might turn out better, though I’m sad to see the incredible pressure the US has placed upon many country with this Snowden affair, not just Germany.

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