A merciless fight / Een schonungslose Kompf

A merciless fight / Een schonungslose Kompf

Vernon (a godless atheist from the Caribbean also known as Xon-Xoff) and I had a confrontation which was aimed at honoring the praiseworthy American culture war.
Since this is the very first time I recorded such an event, the quality of the sound is terrible.

I believe it is no exaggeration to say I utterly destroyed him.
So if you still read comments of Xon-Xoff, you should conclude it is most likely Vernon’s ghost.



Lorraine Franconian – Lothringisch

Vernon (een gottlos Atheist us de Karibik, de aach Xon-Xoff hess) un ich hon eeni Konfrontation gehon, die druf abzielte, de preiswürdige amerikanische Kulturkompf de Ehre ze gewe.
Do es de eerste Mol isch, wu ich solch een Ereignis gespeichert hon, isch de Qualität des Tons fuaschtba.

Ich glawe, dass es keeni Iwertriewung isch, ze behaupte, dass ich ihn total vernichtet hon.
So wenn ihr immer noch Kommentare von Xon-Xoff liest, sollt ihr schliesse, dass es sich höchst wahrschäinlich um seen Gespenst hondelt.


Link: https://soundcloud.com/lothar-lorraine/fighttodeath


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4 thoughts on “A merciless fight / Een schonungslose Kompf

  1. well, i wish i was that skinny, and, that i did bring a glimmer of light into the darkness.

    indeed, as i write this–and i wish i knew how i could write this–in my present post mortem state, as a “disembodied mind,” i shall admit ’twas folly to challenge the redoubtable and insuperable lotharson on questions abstruse. as was apparent in the dialogue, his scholarly arguments could not be gainsaid by my puerile meanderings. moreover, his eloquent diction and articulation of the English tongue was unsurpassed.

    i yield.

    did i actually just write the phrase “disembodied mind?” i must be a ghost.

  2. Well, I’ll have to take your word for it, because I can’t listen to it anyway, not having Java Script enabled, since I don’t need any more java than what I drink every day. But I’m glad that Vernon is still around even as a ghost.

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