Faith, science and philosophy in Lancaster (UK)


Has the incredible progress of science shown that God’s existence is very unlikely?


Did not archaeology prove that neither Moses nor Abraham really existed?


Is it very plausible that the Gospels are legends written long after the facts?


Is a Christian supposed to believe that the Bible is free of errors and contradictions?


All of these are vital questions which are too often repressed and explained away in many parts of Christendom.

For many folks in the Western world, the only possible choice seems to be between a brainless religion and atheism.

This has prompted me to start a blog several months ago where I hope to show that there is also a third way:

You can choose the categories you are interested in by just clicking on them.

(Since English is not my mother tongue, don’t expect literary perfection there).

If enough people are interested, I would like to start a series of talks and open discussions on such topics at the university of Lancaster (UK).
I will raise much more questions than provide answers and I would like people with different worldviews to be present.

I have only one small expectation: that we won’t end up yelling at each other 🙂

Challenges and rational arguments against belief in God and Christianity are warmly welcome, but ridicule, mockery and emotional bullying won’t be tolerated.

If someone is interested in my blog, he or she can contact me at:

3 thoughts on “Faith, science and philosophy in Lancaster (UK)

  1. The world could definitely benefit from more respectful inter-faith dialogue like this! There is so much we can learn from each other if we are able to drop our belief ego.

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