The strange disappearance of an Australian pilot

Many of my readers interested in apologetics, the philosophy of religion and the question of miracles might like a new blog I have created entitled “Shards of Margonia“.

It concerns the hot topic of Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena (UAP) and UFOs.

It is a gross mistake to think that both are synonyms for extraterrestrial starships.

They just mean aerial phenomena which we cannot explain with our current knowledge and this was the original definition of the American Air Force.

In a recent post, I critically and skeptically examined an article from two CSICOP debunkers aiming at explaining the strange disappearance of a young Australian pilot.

Their paper turns out to be full of cherry-picking as well as a flurry of incredibly unlikely ad-hoc hypotheses.

I wind up proposing a scenario towards the end which is far more reasonable.

Self-proclaimed Skeptics (who are often militant atheists) like to delude themselves into thinking they’re the champions of rationality. Reality shows us they’re all too often as biased as the “True Believers” they see everywhere except in themselves.



Thematic list of ALL posts on this blog (regularly updated)

My other blog on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)




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