Do Gay weddings introduce sin into the law for the first time in history?

I found a pretty worrisome article I want to respond to.


Gay ‘marriage’ a ‘sign of the apocalypse’: Russian Patriarch

MOSCOW, July 22, 2013 ( – In his Sunday sermon this weekend in Kazan Cathedral in Moscow, Patriarch Kirill, Primate, of the Russian Orthodox Church, warned against the extraordinary rise in many western countries of the homosexualist movement. Kirill said that the trend of legalizing “gay marriage” is “a very dangerous sign of the apocalypse.”

It “means people are choosing a path of self-destruction,” he said. He said he supports the recently passed national ban on homosexualist propaganda that has prohibited the Gay Pride festivities that have become a prominent feature of national life elsewhere. 

“Lately, we have enormous temptations, when a number of countries opting for sin is approved and justified by the law, and those who, acting in good conscience, are struggling with such laws imposed by a minority, being repressed,” Kirill said. 


He added that everything must be done to prevent the approval of sin “on the spaces of Holy Russia.” Otherwise, “the people are embarking on the path of self-destruction”. 

The sermon came the Sunday following the passage in Britain of the Cameron government’s so-called “equal marriage” bill. Religious leaders and democracy campaigners both strenuously warned the government that its passage would seriously threaten foundational democratic freedoms. 

Colossal forces have set out “to convince us all that the only value is the freedom of choice,” said the patriarch, “and no one has the right to infringe on that value, even when a person chooses evil, even when a person chooses a socially dangerous behavior.” 

Even the most perfect laws, however, cannot eradicate corruption, lies, evil and confrontation, he said: “These can be eradicated only by the person who has made a free choice in favor of the good.” 

In recent months, Kirill’s has emerged as the strongest and most uncompromising religious voice in Europe against the apparently unstoppable political juggernaut of the international homosexualist movement. His comments yesterday follow his warning at a meeting in Moscow in May this year with Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland, where he said, “Today we have a very dangerous development, the laws regarding same-sex marriages and adoption of their children which go against the moral nature of man.” 

“If people choose this lifestyle,” the Polish news service Interfax quoted him saying, “it is their right, but the responsibility of the Church is to say that it is a sin before God”. 

What the Russian Orthodox Church is concerned about, Kirill said, “is not the fact of the existence of this sin – it has always existed. But we are deeply concerned that for the first time in the history of the human race sin is being justified by law. This opens up the prospect of a dangerous development, which will contribute to the moral degradation of society.”


I don’t feel any hatred towards patriarch Kirill. However I do believe that his utterances reflect an extraordinary ignorance which should put to shame the Russian orthodox Church.

In my last post, I explained why we’ve strong grounds for doubting that homosexuality is sinful. In other words, I fail to see how to commit oneself to a loving same-sex relationship is to “choose evil”. But that isn’t what shocked me in this article.

I was dumbstruck by the sentence: “But we are deeply concerned that for the first time in the history of the human race sin is being justified by law. “.

It’s so obviously wrong that no educated priest should ever make such a mistake. I just can’t understand how a patriarch could state this.

This assertion implies that:

– laws about racial segregation weren’t sinful

– laws discriminating Christians in Islamist countries aren’t sinful

–  laws of Nazi Germany against Jews weren’t sinful

– laws of Russian communists against religious people weren’t sinful

and so on and so forth.

That’s crazy talk.

I feel the duty to say I am in no position to judge Patriarch Kirill as a moral person. I don’t know him and there might be many domains where he outshines me.There is no way I can say I’m a better man than he is.

But I think he’s intellectually and probably also morally completely wrong on that particular issue.

He’s worryingly reflecting a strong trend within modern American Evangelicalism, namely that of focusing on sexual ethics while ignoring or often even upholding injustices in other areas.

I’d  say that unlike laws about gay marriage, laws protecting much more the rights of billionaires than those of poor children  and old people suffering from illnesses are unequivocally wicked and sinful.

Actually, there are many Conservative Evangelicals outside America who agree and strive for social justice as well besides their activism against what they see as sexual perversions.

Still in the US they tend to focus the greatest part of their moral indignation on gay people and abortion and much less on the ordeals real children outside their mother’s womb are going trough.

(I’d personally not say that ALL conservatives act in this way but this picture illustrates rather well the positions many of them hold.)
It goes without saying I must write that with fear and trembling because I’m really far from being perfect myself. And I also think it’s vital to resist the tendency of numerous progressive Christians to treat harshly any opponent to gay marriage.
My goal here is not to judge them as moral persons but to call them to reconsider their sense of priorities. And I’d like a greater number of them to imagine the unnecessary pain a sick child of unemployed parents might feel.

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10 thoughts on “Do Gay weddings introduce sin into the law for the first time in history?

  1. I shudder when I read things like this.
    It is extremely threatening.
    Patriarch Kirill is playing a dangerous game.
    And we are their pawns.
    It is a struggle to regain power over the masses
    by creating a moral threat.
    I can only pray that other, more enlightened, voices will prevail.

  2. This well-reasoned article will stand on its own. The Patriarch has overstepped historical evidence in support of his personal opinions. Sadly, this gives license to abuse of homosexuals in Russia and other countries where Orthodoxy has strong influence.

  3. Every sin in the book is legal. Many countries, including Russia, even allow the taking of human life through judicial death sentences.

    Despite his calls for an end to middle eastern Christian persecution, Krill himself supports the persecution of Ukrainian Orthodox and Ukrainian Catholic churches, describing their existence as a threat against the Russian Orthodox Church and his own power. I see very little to admire about the man.

    • Hello Gavin!
      Thanks for your comment. I know very few things about Kiryl, thus I preferred to be charitable.

      I think he’s offering the New Atheists a wonderful opportunity to bash Religion as being the worst evil of the world (forgetting the fact many religious folks strongly disagree with such kind of ignorant and outrageous assertions).

  4. Homosexual marriage and abortion are sensationalized by everyone. They are the two hot topics. Christians wouldn’t be seen speaking against homosexuality so much if it wasn’t constantly shot at us out of a cannon. Those are the two big issues right now because those are the two big things in swing right now in the law.

    Concerning the sinfulness of homosexuality. The Bible clearly states it is such. Multiple verses in both the old testament and new. If you simply want to reject those parts of the Bible then sorry but you aren’t proposing a balanced opinion here. You are a wolf donning the clothes of a sheep, pushing lies and false beliefs under the cover of ‘Christianity’.

    I am a Christian, and I am all for intellectual thought, but not when it just downright ignores the Bible so clearly. There is no moral argument apart from the one in the Bible; God’s nature is goodness and goodness is determined by his nature. The Bible says something is a sin, its a sin.

  5. lothar, I respect your humility and your opinions. You are not attacking or belligerent in your delivery. I wish I had 1/2 of your grace.
    Having said that I respectfully disagree.
    Granted I am coming from a conservative and Christ centered worldview. Hopefully I can add my 2 drachma without preaching and simply express my views.
    First, adultery, fornication, gossip, belittling are all right along side the practice of homosexuality. Christians have failed miserably for the past 1665 years to adhere to the discipline of not judging. I am only just now realizing (@ 59 years) how gifted I am in the art of criticism.
    2nd, from my perspective, I cannot see how homosexuality or the act of homosexuality is not a sin before God. He did not equip His creation for physical relationships between people of the same sex.
    I cannot help but think of 2 water hoses in a garden. Look at how much trouble it would be if both ends of the hose came with only external threads.

    Just sayin…

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