On anti-white racism and extraordinary claims

Deutsche Version: Über den antiweissen Rassismus und aussergewöhnliche Behauptungen.

I pointed out in another post the huge ethnic tensions taking place in France.



First of all I want to make clear where I am coming from.

I believe that everyone ought to treat a fellow human being as he would like to be himself treated. Therefore I think that all kinds of discrimination should be equally combated regardless of the identity of the perpretators and victims.

Now few self proclaimed anti-racists would reject this principle, at least in public.

But they would say that racism almost always stems from white people and that acts of racism against white persons are extremely rare and can be neglected in comparison with the reverse phenomenon.

Yet the daily experience of many white folks living in French suburbs shows that nothing could be further from the truth.

If a group of skinheads besieged the house of a black family and told to the husband: „We will fuck your black whore!“, I have no doubt that the story would be included on the first page of mainstream newspapers.

Yet when a white family went though the same ordeal, the story was largely ignored and explained away by so-called anti-racist organizations.

This is only one among countless cases of anti-white racism on the French territory. The perpretators are most often young arabs of the second and third generation along a smaller number of blacks who believe that their justified anger against the past and current abuses and discriminations of the French society gives them the right to hate all white people.

Psychologically this is a gruesome form of collective punishment, the idea that the misdeeds of an individual justify the punishment of his whole family, clan, ethnic group, religion and even race.

Western liberals seem completely unable to recognize that people of European descent can also be victims of the same wicked logic. Interestingly enough, when Jews are the victims of cruel acts of violence commited by ethnic gangs with a Muslim background, politicians and intellectuals will immediately speak out against the crimes.

But when non-Jewish white people report of the same horrible experiences they went through, these are most often ignored, explained away or minimized.


I think this is, interestingly enough, related to the epistemological principles „Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence“ and „the absence of evidence is evidence of absence.“ I have critically examined.

For Western liberals, the assertion that anti-white racism is as much a problem as racism from white people is truly an extraordinary claim.

Therefore normal evidence cannot be accepted for proving the reality of the phenomenon.

Thus it should not be reported by serious journalists.

And if it is not found in the mainstream medias, it can be most likely neglected.

For surely mainstream medias describe reality in an almost objective way, and those denying this are crackpot conspiracy theorists and white supremacists.

Sadly, this has led many white folks suffering under the situation to put all their hopes in far right groups. This is the main reason why 20% of the French electors vote for the fachist leader of the national Front, Marine Le Pen. They are ignored and defeamed by all other political parties but welcome by right extremists who seriously take into consideration their problems.

It goes without saying this is an explosive situation which fosters a vicious circle of hatred.


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On the definition of Socialism

Deutsche Version: Von der Definition des Sozialismus



In the German-speaking and English-speaking worlds, Socialism has largely a bad press. It is all too often associated with the totalitarian countries of the former Soviet Union and the omnipresence of the state in every area of life.

But in France, Socialism has historically mainly meant the belief that the state ought to intervene as soon as the well-being of workers and employees is threatened by the unlimited free-market competition going on. It has nothing against free-market competition in and of itself, so long as the quality of life of people is not menaced.

There is of course also a striving towards social justice, in that taxes should take into account the personal wealth.

A similar feeling seems to have been present in the Early Church among the first followers of Jesus of Nazareth after his resurrection:

All that believed were together, and had all things in common; And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.
(Acts 2:44-45)

There was not a needy person among them, for as many as owned lands or houses sold them and brought the proceeds of what was sold. They laid it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to each as any had need. There was a Levite, a native of , Joseph, to whom the apostles gave the name Barnabas (which means “son of encouragement”). He sold a field that belonged to him, then brought the money, and laid it at the apostles’ feet.
(Acts 4:34-37)



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Gay marriage in France /Mariage homo en France / Homoehe in Frankräich

Gay marriage in France 

I am a Christian and I feel really sorry for all the homosexuals who have suffered under the persecution of many churches during two thousand years of Christian history. I also deeply empathize with all current Christian homosexuals who are often experiencing a true emotional ordeal by being taught that their sexuality, one part of their very being they never chose, is inherently sinful. I do believe there is a need for much more churches to clearly affirm that homosexual lifestyle isn’t bad in and of itself, as long as one strives for a lifelong relationship, even if this means they would need to let go of some cherished dogmas.

That said, I cannot rejoice about the recent events in France.

The law authorizing two persons of the same sex to marry has been voted in my native country on the 13 May 2013. There was, however, no universal enthusiasm by any means among the general population, whereby only 53% of the French citizens approved of the decision. Unlike American society, French society is highly secular so that Biblical or even religious arguments are very rarely mentioned by opponents of homosexual marriage who often don’t even believe in God. And most of them don’t believe that homosexuality is wrong as long as it is confined to the private sphere.

Their main fear seems to be that marriage and families always hang together and that the presence of parents of two sexes is always preferable for the well-being of the children.

Many people are angry because the (so-called) socialist administration didn’t really promote a civil, respectful and rational discussion between both parts of the debate, but used (and still use) propaganda techniques to smear the opponents of the law.

And it is no secret that gay marriage (at least in a French context) is only the first step of a far-reaching agenda ultimately aiming at making surrogate pregnancy fully free.

What is more, it has become clear to quite a few French people that the pseudo-socialist administration focuses on what they call “societal problems” (Gay marriage, gender mainstreaming and so on.) to ignore crying social problems against which they are unwilling to do anything.

This fact became all too obvious after Arnaud Montebourg, the Minister of Industrial Renewal, proposed to temporarily nationalize a enterprise threatening to fire many of its French employees to increase its benefits. French first minister rejected the proposition in order not to challenge the liberal dogma that a government should almost never intervene to solve economical problems, regardless of the huge suffering this causes to normal people.


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 Mariage homo en France

 Je suis Chretien et je me sens vraiment desole pour tous les homosexuels qui ont soufferts sous la persecution de beaucoup d’eglises durant les deux-mille ans d’histoire chretienne. J’ai egalement beaucoup d’empathie pour tous les homosexuels chretiens du present qui experiencent souvent une veritable torture emotionelle en etant enseignes que leur sexualite, une partie de leur profonde nature qu’ils n’ont jamais choisie, est profondement pecheresse.

Je suis persuade qu’il doit y avoir beaucoup plus d’eglises affirmant clairement qu’un style de vie homosexuel n’est pas mauvais en soi, du moment qu’on recherche une relation pour la vie, meme si cela signifie abondonner certains dogmes qui leur sont chers.

Cela dit, je ne peux pas me rejouir des evenements recent en France.

La loi autorisant deux personnes du meme sexe de se marier a ete votee dans mon pays natale le 13 mai 2013. Il n’y avait cependant aucun enthousiasme universel parmis la population, avec seulement 53% des citoyens francais approuvant la decision.

Contrairement a la societe americaine, la societe francaise est hautement seculiere, si bien que des arguments bibliques ou meme religieux sont tres rarement mentionnes par les opposants au mariage homosexuel, qui souvent ne croient meme pas en Dieu.

Et le plus grand nombre ne croient pas que l’homosexualite en tant que soi soit mauvaise du moment qu’elle est confinee a la sphere privee.

Leur principale crainte semble etre que le mariage et la famille sont profondement lies et que la presence de parents du deux sexes est toujours preferable pour le bien-etre des enfants.

Beucoup de personnes sont en colere parce que le gouvernement soi-disant socialiste n’a pas encourage une discussion civile, rsspectueuses et rationelles entre les deux cotes du debat, mais a utilise (et utilise encore) des techniques de propagandes pour salir les opposants a la loi.

Et c’est un secret de polichinelle que le mariage gay est seulement la premiere etapes d’un projet cache visant a completement liberaliser la procreation assistee.

En addition, il est devenu clair et net pour beaucoup de gens en France que le gouvernement pseudo-socialiste se concentre sur ce qu’ils nomment “problemes societaux” (mariage gay, theorie du genre etc.) pour ignorer des problemes sociaux tres preoccupants qu’ils ne sont pas desireux de resoudre.

Ce fait est devenu evident apres que Arnaud Montebourg, le ministre ministre du redressement productif, proposa de nationaliser temporairement une entreprise menacant de virer beaucoup de ses employes francais afin d’augmenter ses benefices.

Le premier ministre francais rejeta la proposition afin de ne past defier le dogme liberal selon lequel le gouvernement devrait presque jamais intervenir pour resoudre des problemes economiques, peu-importe l’immense souffrance que cela cree pour beaucoup de citoyens normaux.


 Homoehe in Frankräich

Ich bin Christ un fihle mich gonz trurig fir all de Homosexuelle, die unner de Verfolgung von vielen Kirchen während de zwo deusende Johre von christlicher Geschichte gelitte hon.

Ich hon aach viel Mitgefihl fir alle christliche Homosexuelle von de Gegenwart, de oft eeni wohri emotionelli Folterung experimentiere, weil ma sie gelehrt hat, dass ihre Sexualität (een wichtige Teel von ihrem Wesen de sie nie gewählt hon),on sich sündig isch.

Ich glawe echt, dass es nötig isch, dass viel mehr Kirche gonz klar behaupte, dass de homosexuelle Lebensstil on sich niet schlecht isch, solonge ma nach eeni lebenslongi Beziehung strebt, sogar wenn es beudeted, manche beliebte Dogme ufzegebe.

Dennoch kinn ich mich niet iwer de letzte Ereignisse in Frankräich fräie.

De Gesetz, de zwo Persone vom selwen Geschlecht erlaubt, ze heirate, isch am 13 Mai 2013 in mienem Geburtslon gewählt werre. Es gab awer keeni allgemeeni Begeisterung unner de Volk, wobei nur 53% von alle fransäische Birger fir de Entscheidung ware.

Niet wie de amerikanische Gesellschaft isch de frasäische Gesellschaft gonz sekular, sodass biblische oder sogar religiöse Argumente sehr selten benutzt were von de Gegner der Homoehe, de oft an Gott sogar niet glauwe.

Un de Meehräit glawt niet, dat de Homosexualität verkehrt isch, solonge es uf de private Bereich beschränkt isch.

De Hauptbefürchtung scheint ze sin, dass Ehe un Famile immer zesamme hängt un dass de Gegenwart Eltern beider Geschlechte immer besser fir de Wohlsin von de Kinnere isch.

Viele Litte sinn witend, weil de sogenannte sozialistische Regierung keen echte respektvolle un rationale Diskussion zwische de zwei Sitte der Debatte gefördert hasch, awer nach wie vor Propagandatechniken benutzt, um de Gegner von de Gesetz ze verschmiere.

Un es isch gar keen Gehemnis, dass de Homoehe (zemindest in Frankräich) nur de erste Schritte een wittrecihende Agenda isch, um schliesslich de Leihmommeschaft völlig fräi ze mache.

Es isch aach nun klar fir viele frasäiche Litte, dass de pseudo-sozialistische Regierung sich an das konzentriere, was sie Gesellschaftsprobleme (Homoehe, Gender-Therorie usw.) nenne, um schlimme soziale Probleme ze ignoriere, wugege sie niet bereit sinn, was ze dun.

Diese Fakt war allzu klar nachdem Arnaud Montebourg, de Minister der industriellen Erneuerung, vorgeschlage hat, eeni Firma voriwergehend ze nationalisiere, de gedroht hat, viele fransäsiche Eingestellte ruszewerfe, um ihr Profikt ze erhöhe.

De fransäische erste Minister hat de Vorschlag total abgelehnt, um de liberali Dogma biet ruszefordere, dass eeni Regierung nie eengreife darf, um wirtschaftliche Probleme ze löse, egal ob es een immense Leide ze normale Litte verursacht.

A new anti-racism – Un nouveau anti-racisme (en bas)

I’m deeply bothered by the so-called “anti-racism” and “anti-sexism” which nowadays prevail everywhere in the Western world. I’m going, however, to use France’s situation and racism to illustrate the seriousness of the problem.

In France, shortly after Word War 2, a large part of the country had been laid waste by the fights and battles between the allies and the German occupants. Consequently, there was a huge need for manpower to reconstruct the land, and French capitalists took all the workers within French colonies, since they were much cheaper than people in England for example.
The immigrants, predominately Blacks and Arabs, were heaped up in so-called “cites” or “ghettos, where they had very few contact with the outside word.
They were exploited economically, worked diligently but were oftentimes discriminated during the search for a new job.
They patiently accept their condition, all too happy to be in France in spite of this ignoble exploitation.
But the second generation rebels itself against the injustices they and their parents were victim of.
But instead of just hating the government responsible for their oppression, they begin hating the country altogether and burned down cars of poor people and plundered many shops of not-too-wealthy holders.

But this isn’t the main problem in France. Many of those young Arabs and Blacks have become profoundly racist against whites. They refuse to have white friends and always stay within their ethnic group, even if today, they would be welcomed in most “white” club, band or bunch of friends.
They very often attack and steal white persons just because they’re white.

There are quite a few reliable cases of white girls being gang-raped or almost gang-raped primarily because of their skin color.
A woman, who could later escape the assailants thanks to the arrival of the police, freaked out, as the rowdies told his husband: “we’ll fuck your white whore!”.
As she went to a usual anti-racist organization and told them her story, they sneered at her and said she must have been very confused.
Consequently, she’s joined a far-right-organization where she feels much more protected but has become herself racist against Arabs.  And as a future recruiter, she might herself discriminate between Arabs and other ethnic groups.       And the vicious circle of hatred goes on and on.

As a Christian, I believe every human being has been created in God’s image and has an inherent dignity.
We should always treat another person as one wishes to be treated (Golden Rule).

Therefore, we should combat every form of racism and discrimination. But we can no longer ignore anti-white racism out of political correctness. It is as atrocious and unjust as any other form of racism.


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Je suis très ennuyé par le soi-disant “antiracisme” et “anti-sexisme” qui semble aujourd’hui dominer tout l’occident. Cependant, je vais utiliser la situation de la France et le racisme afin d’illustrer la sérosité du problème.

En France, peu après la seconde guerre mondiale, une large partie du pays a été dévastée durant les combats et batailles entre les allies et l’occupant allemand. Par conséquent, il ’y avait un grand besoin de main d’œuvres pour reconstruire le pays, et les capitalistes français prirent les nouveaux travailleurs des colonies françaises, puisqu’ils étaient beaucoup moins chers que ceux d’Angleterre ou de Suisse par exemple.

Les immigres, surtout des noirs et des arabes, ont été entassés dans des cités ou ghettos ou il n’avait que peu de contact avec le monde extérieur.

Ils étaient exploites économiquement, travaille diligemment mais étaient souvent discrimine a l’emploi.

Ils acceptèrent patiemment leur condition, très heureux d’être en France malgré cette ignoble exploitation.

Mais la seconde génération s’est rebellée contre les injustices dont leurs parents furent les victimes.
Mais au lieu de simplement haïr le gouvernement responsable de leur oppression, ils ont commencé a également haïr le pays et à bruler les voitures de pauvres personnes, piller les commerces de propriétaires.

Mais ce n’est pas le problème principal en France. BEAUCOUP de ces jeunes arabes et noirs sont devenus profondément racistes contre les blancs. Ils refusent d’avoir des amis blancs et restent toujours au sein de leurs groupes ethniques, même si aujourd’hui, ils seraient accueillis dans la plupart des clubs, cafés ou bandes d’amis blancs

Ils attaquent et volent très souvent des personnes blanches seulement parce qu’elles sont blanches.

Ils existent beaucoup de cas fiables ou des filles blanches ont été violées en série ou presque, principalement à cause de la couleur de leur peau.

Une jeune femme, qui a pu plus tard échappée de justesse a ses agresseurs, fut terrorise, lorsqu’elle entendit la racaille ethnique dire à son mari:
« on va niquer ta pute blanche ! »

Lorsqu’elle alla à une organisation antiraciste et raconta ce qu’il lui était arrivé, ils rirent et dirent  qu’elle était simplement très confuse.

Par conséquent, elle s’est jointe à une organisation d’extrême droite ou elle se sent beaucoup plus en sureté, mais elle est devenue elle-même raciste contre les arabes. Et à son tour en tant que recruteuse, elle pourrait peut-être discriminer des arabes.         Et le cercle vicieux de la haine continue.

En tant que Chrétien, je crois que chaque être humain a été crée a l’image de Dieu et a une inhérente dignité.

Nous devons toujours traiter une autre personne comme nous voulons  être  traites nous-mêmes (Règle d’Or).

Par conséquent, nous devons combattre toutes les formes de racismes et de discrimination. Mais nous ne pouvons plus ignorer le racisme anti-blanc, même si c’est politiquement incorrect d’en parler. C’est tout aussi injustice et atroce qu’une autre forme de racisme.