A daunting task: defending human rights in France


While France likes to take pride in being “the country of human rights”, it utterly fails to fulfill this claim in significant respects.

One of those is the problem of European ethnic minorities or cultures in its territory.


Ever since the French Revolution (in the name of the secular goddess Reason), the government has declared French as the only language of the republic and has systematically persecuted all minorities, forbidding or discouraging them to speak the tongue of their ancestors in their own land.

As a consequence, Breton ( a Celtic language spoken in Brittany), Occitan and Catalan (Romance languages spoken in the South) have almost disappeared from the country.

In my own homeland (AlsaceLorraine), the Germanic dialects spoken by most of my forefathers are gravely threatened since they are no longer transmitted to the youngest generation, owing to past French propaganda according to which regional languages are nothing more than dialects of poor brainless peasants.

It wasn’t rare in the recent past that school teachers would severely punish any child speaking in dialect or even beat him or her.

Clearly, taking measures for wiping out the tongues of a whole sedentary population which has been annexed in the past entirely satisfies the definition of a cultural genocide.

The logical fallacies used by French supremacists [also called Jacobins after the name of the fanatical (and murderous) revolutionaries who first followed this goal] change absolutely nothing to the picture.

It is just not true that raising bilingual children would undermine the unity of our country, and even if it were, this would be no morally sufficient reason for violating a fundamental human right, namely that of self-determination of people having always lived here.

What makes this evil all the more egregious is that Jacobins are the first to get indignant when French-speaking minorities are discouraged from using their language (such as in certain towns in Quebec or in Belgium).

Many of us have felt greatly encouraged while seeing the French parliament removing one legal obstacle for the ratification of the European regional language charter.

If it were finally adopted, there is the real hope that Breton, Occitan, Catalan, Alsatian and Lorraine Franconian (my own Germanic dialect) would be automatically taught in bilingual schools on a large scale as it is done with Catalan in Spain, German in the Italian Sud-Tirol and Welsh in the British Wales, which has greatly contributed to the preservation of these tongues.

The problem is that it still has to be ratified by the French senate which is dominated by conservative and reactionary minds, making it very unlikely.


I want to start an international petition in favor of the ratification of the chart.

My arguments would be organized according to the following lines:

1) It is a shame for a mighty modern Western nation such as France not to respect the right of ethnic minorities on its ground to preserve their cultural and linguistic peculiarities.

It is all the more awkward that all other nations of the European Unions are granting such fundamental rights to their minorities.

2) Upholding regional languages greatly contributes to the richness of our nation, which is also reflected by touristic attractiveness

3) In many cases, the bilingual characters of certain regions were a real bridge towards other European countries.

In Alsace-Lorraine, French-German bilingualism led (notice my use of the past 😦  ) to an easy access towards the whole German-Speaking Europe and greatly facilitated the understanding of Dutch as well as the learning of English.

The knowledge of Occitan and Catalan in South France made it very easy to learn Italian and Spanish and in turn also Portuguese.

It goes without saying that the lost of bilingualism went hand in hand with tremendous economic losses, not only for the concerned regions but also for France as a whole.

4) Bilinguilism does not menace by any means the feeling of being French.

(Actually quite the contrary is the case. It is the repeated persecutions from French supremacists which have disgusted me from the French language and culture, making me prefer Germanic stuff.)

I would like many people all over the world to sign my petition. The contributions of prominent Academics and Politicians would be fantastic, since this would clearly be a wonderful way to put the French senate under pressure by bringing it into a very embarrassing and uncomfortable position.

Now I feel very discouraged and anguished because French supremacist lobbies are extremely powerful in our country and dispose of tremendous means for imposing their views on all the rest of us.

But I feel a strong urge to do something against this revolting injustice and to defend my own culture.

Like Bob Marley famously sang: “Get up, stand up! Stand up for your rights! “.

The New Atheism as a hate group

Lothringische Version.

Youtube Version

In “Why I am no longer a skeptic“, Stephen Bond gives us a striking analysis of all the flaws and immoral features of militant atheism (which disguises itself as “Skepticism”) regrouping folks such as Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchen among many other prominent members,

I find his criticism of the New Atheism all the more interesting because he himself remains a convinced atheist.

I agree with most of what he has written.

According to my numerous experiences with them, I see extremely strong parallels between anti-theists and far right hate groups in terms of the cognitive errors (overgeneralization, filtering, polarized thinking…) and the hateful rhetoric they use.

Interestingly enough, most English-speaking militant atheists are often hardcore capitalists who support Western imperialism and view communism and socialism as irrational religions which ought to disappear too.

The New Atheism is to atheism (which has a respectable intellectual tradition) what fundamentalism is to Christianity: a shame and an embarrassment.

I believe that people constantly advocating the use of emotional bullying, ridicule and mockery towards their opponents are utterly unworthy of our respect.

We should despise antitheists in the same way we ought to despise hateful religious bigots for they are two sides of the same coin.

Kollision un atheistische Rap (English below)

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Edward Snowden isn’t welcome at all in Germany

I am extremely disappointed by the recent decision of Angela Merkel NOT to grant asylum to Edward Snowden who would have been a witness of the scandalous American violation of the pricacy of normal citizens in other countries.
This is not that stunning since the German ruling class has an impressive track record of prefering to serve wild capitalism rather than justice.


It looks like the true rulers of America will keep doing all what they want with their European vassals.





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On Syria and Western imperialism / Iwer Syrien un de westliche Imperialismus

On Syria and Western imperialism


Barack Obama and French president Francois Hollande have been constantly flirting with the idea of waging a war on Syria in order to set the people free.

An alarming report which caught my attention showed me that quite the contrary would happen if they were to intervene. Nearly half of the rebels are Islamists who are certainly not striving for democracy and freedom.


All Christians of the region (and of Irak) I talked with told me that a Western intervention would most likely replace the “light” dictatorship of president Assad by a Muslim theocracy where the rights of non-Muslims and women will be considerably worse than they currently are.

Apparently, many Western leaders have not learned any lesson from the debacle in Irak.


On the one hand I can understand their willingness to save the life of countless people in less developed countries where people are being slaughtered.

On the other hand I feel irritated by the fact they imagine they are morally and intellectually so superior to the third world that they have the right and the might to wage any war they wish.

I think this still reflects rather well the feelings of the father of French secularism, Jules Ferry, as he stated: “it is a right for the superior races, because they have a duty. They have the duty to civilize the inferior races.”



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Now comes the Lorraine-Franconian version / Nun kommt die lothringische fränkische Version


Iwer Syrien un de westliche Imperialismus


Barack Obama un de fronzeesische Präsident François Hollande hon immer wieder mit de Idee geflirtet, Syrien ze attackiere, um de Litt ze befräie.
E alarmierenda Bericht hat mienie Ufmerksamkät ongezieht un mir gezaijt, dass genau das Gäjedeel passiere wod, wenn sie ingriffe wode.
Fast de Hälft der Rebelle sinn Islamisten, die gònz bestimmt niet nach Demokratie un Fräihätt strewe. 
Alle Christen der Region (un von Irak), mit denen ich gesproche hon, hon mir gesat, dass e westlicha Ingriff höchst wahrschinnlich die “lichtie Diktatur” von Präsident Assad durch e moslemlischie Theokratie ersetze wod, wu de Rechte von niet-Moslemen un Frauen viel schlimmer als jetzt sin wodde
Es sieht so us, als ob viele westliche Leader käni Lektion vom Scheitern in Irak gelernt hon.

Uf änersit kinn ich ihre Bereitschaft verstehn, de Läwe von zahllose Litt in wenig entwickelta Länner wu Mensche geschlachtet wäre, ze rette.
Uf e onnersit  fïhle ich mich von der Tatsache irritiert, dass sie sich inbille, moralisch und intellektuell de dritte Welt so iwerlege ze sin, dass sie das Recht un die Macht hòn, beliebig Kriege ze verursache. 

Ich denk, dass es immer noch eher gut die Gefiehle vom Vater vom fronzeesche Sekularismus Jules Ferry reflektiert, als er gesat hat:

“S’isch e Rächt der hähere Rasse, weil sie hon e Pflicht. Sie hon e Pflicht, de unnere Rasse ze zivilisiere”.


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