On conservative Evangelicalism and homophoby

Lothringische Version: Iwer de konservative Evangelikalismus un Homophobie


Progressive Evangelical theologian Randal Rauser did a nice job documenting several (very representative) cases of fag-bashing within the Evangelical world.

His most striking (and utterly horrific) example is the case of American Evangelicals praising the dictator of Uganda for putting queers to death.


I believe we have strong theological grounds for welcoming gay people within the Church.

Given the relative importance of homosexuality and social justice in the Gospel (and the whole Bible) I am truly dumbstruck by the amount of time Conservative Evangelicals spend on homosexuality while not only tolerating atrocious discrepancies between the healthcare for poor and rich children but also OPPOSING every attempt to change this tragic situation.

“You will recognize a tree by its fruits…” Jesus taught and warned us.



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