Kingdom hearts (Lothringisch: unnen).

Kingdom Hearts is a fascinating combination of final fantasy, a Japanese Role Playing Game and the universes of Walt Disney (first and foremost Mickey and Donald).

Kingdom hearts is a world (or rather many parallel worlds) where darkness is lurking in every heart, constantly trying to suffocate it.

The keyblade is a mysterious weapon allowing to defeat the sinister creatures spawned by the obscurity.


My favorite game of the series is “Kingdom hearts, birth by sleep” which take place at the very beginning of the story.

In the above link all cutscenes of the movie have been gathered.

I think that this movie is wonderful for children.

Besides being very entertaining, it conveys profound moral messages and lessons. But adults can find many things inspiring too.

Since it lasts six hours, it is obvious it cannot be watched at once.

Spoiler are allowed in the comments!




Lorraine Franconian  – Lothringisch

Kingdom Hearts isch e faszinierendi Kombination von Final Fantasy, e RPG, un de Universum von Walt Disney (vor allem Mickey un Donald).

Kingdom Hearts isch eeni Welt (oder eher viele parallele Welte), wu de Dunkelhäit in jedem Herz lauert un ständig versucht, es ze ersticke.

De Schlisselschwert isch eeni mysteriösi Waffe, de verwendet werd, um de unheimlichi Kreatüre ze bezwinge, die durch de Dunkelhäit hervorgerufe were.


Mien Lieblingsspiel von de Serie isch “Kingdom hearts, birth by sleep“, de gonz om Onfong von de Geschicht stattfinn.

Im obrigen Link sin alle Szene vom Film versommelt.
Ich denke, dass de Film fir Kinner wunderbar isch.

Es isch nit nur gonz ongenehm sondern  vermittelt aach profunde moralische Botschafte un Lektione.

Do es sechs Stunde dauert, isch es selbstverständlich, dass ma es nit uf emol lun kinn.

Spoilers sin in de Kommentare erlaubt!