Willkumme zu Fuchsi / Welcome to Foxy



Das isch ‘s näie Kätzche von miene Eldere.

That is the new kitten of my parents.

Sin Nome isch Fuchsi.

His name is Foxy.

foxy2foxy2 Foxy3Foxy6Foxy8Foxy9Foxy10Foxy8 foxy9 foxy10 foxy12

Er schnurrt viel!

He purrs a lot!

Er hat ‘s ger, fascht iwerall gehemelt ze were.

He likes to be petted almost everywhere.

Ich fräi mich, ihn fir ‘s erschte Mol während de Wihnachtszit bi miene Eldere ze sihn

I’m looking forward to seeing it for the first time during the Christmas time spent with my parents.

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