Gender equality and the liberal agenda

While I am oftentimes critical of Conservatism on my blog, I do believe that Liberal lobbies can have quite a harmful effect on society too.

One example is their willful ignorance of the reality of anti-white racism which leads them to systematically explain away crimes and misdeeds against white people committed on the grounds of their skin color, in a way strikingly akin to the strategy used by revisionist historians.

One other example is that they keep confusing fostering true equality between the genders with promoting female supremacy.


The following story should be considered a case study.


“Italian theater director Antonio Calenda sues beautiful young dancer Natasha Diamond-Walker after she dumped him, claiming she hoodwinked him into buying her a luxury condo

Diamond-Walker, an up-and-coming performer with the Martha Graham Dance Company, did not return calls. But court papers paint her as a gold-digger who used her age and beauty to outwit Calenda, the well-known director of Teatro Stabile in Trieste. Natasha Diamond-Walker, in a photo from her Myspace page.
A young Manhattan dancer hoodwinked her 73-year-old lover into buying her a luxury $775,000 Upper West Side condo — and then swiftly gave him the boot, a new lawsuit charges.Natasha Diamond-Walker, a stunning 27-year-old Fordham University grad, is accused in court papers of feigning love for prominent Italian theater director Antonio Calenda, then tricking him into footing the bill for the pre-war apartment.“She manipulated our client and took advantage of him to finance her purchase of a luxury Manhattan apartment,” said Calenda’s lawyer, Marc Fitapelli. “She never had any intentions to repay our client and she abruptly severed their relationship as soon as she got what she wanted.”Diamond-Walker, an up-and-coming performer with the Martha Graham Dance Company, did not return calls. But court papers paint her as a gold-digger who used her age and beauty to outwit Calenda, the well-known director of Teatro Stabile in Trieste. 

Antonio Calenda, center and Natasha Diamond-Walker, right.

Calenda, who directed the 1973 film “One Russian Summer,” starring Claudia Cardinale and Oliver Reed, filed suit Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court in a bid to recoup the cost of the condo — plus $1 million.

Diamond-Walker met Calenda last year in Italy when they worked together on “Cercando Picasso (Looking for Picasso),” colleagues said. She was working as a dance apprentice with the Martha Graham company, which collaborated with Calenda on the show that features dancers interpreting Pablo Picasso’s dreams, inspirations and writings.

They began a 10-month romance, and Calenda showered her with expensive gifts, especially at the start of their May-December affair.

LaRue Allen, executive director of the Martha Graham company, described Diamond-Walker as “outgoing, vivacious, curious” — “a wonderful dancer at the beginning of her career.”

She said the relationship was not a company matter.

“They had a personal relationship … They’re both adults,” Allen said. “Things don’t always have a way of working out.”

Calenda, who lives in Rome and has been separated from his wife for a decade, does not dispute he gave her pricey gifts at the start of their affair.

But he insists the 795-square-foot, one-bedroom unit on West End Avenue wasn’t one of them.

When Diamond-Walker asked Calenda for help purchasing the condo, the director insisted on two things, Fitapelli said: that the money be a loan, and that they have a written agreement.

They signed the agreement last July, and she closed on the condo in September.

“Several months” later she “suddenly severed” the relationship, court papers show.

Diamond-Walker repeatedly told Calenda that she considered the $775,000 a gift and “would never repay” him, according to the lawsuit.

Their written agreement requires no payments until December 2018, when the entire amount is due. As a gift, Calenda charged no interest — a nicety he has since withdrawn.

Calenda is now asking the courts to declare the loan a mortgage, or order Diamond-Walker to repay the entire amount immediately with interest — roughly $800,000.

He’s also seeking $1 million in punitive damages, Fitapelli said.

As a new member of the Martha Graham Dance Company, Diamond-Walker was expected to perform Monday night at the International Dance Festival in Vail, Colo. Her lawyer, Eric Cohen, did not return a call.

As recently as spring, she wrote of the experience she was gaining while working in Italy with Calenda — this time on a musical/dance production of The Bacchae by Euripides, which drew 8,000 people a night.

“I have tasted the most fragrant blood oranges, eaten the freshest fruits of the sea. Yet still, at night I’m painted with cold white mud, naked in front of the theater for work,” the 2007 Fordham grad wrote. “Knowledge and experience is earned in every way.”

Some comments were invaluable.


“A 27yr old chick is even too young for me, and i’m 39! I do not feel sorry for this guy…he is a confirmed fool if he thinks for a second that a 27yr. old ‘stunner’ would be physically attracted to him, and not have ulterior motives. This dingbat allowed himself to be gypped by this plain jane loser, she didn’t put a gun to his empty skull and made him sign anything. Damn, that viagra makes you do some crazya– sheet. Use the head on your shoulders the next time ol’timer. LOL!”

“When will these old farts learn no younger woman wakes up one day and says I want to get with a old wormy geiser because they are so hot. When you see a younger woman with a older man it’s all about the money, at least older women know they are being used, for some strange reason old guys think they are still sexy and these woman really want to be with them NOT. If you are 73 and she is 27 she want’s your money so don’t act surprised with you get duped. Idiot!”


Now don’t get me wrong. I consider it very likely that the old man acted in an immoral way. Yet you have to ask yourself whose actions were the most egregious.

As someone wrote : “What if the genders were reversed, would anyone be willing to believe the money in question was simply a gift as well?”

True equality between men and women that their well-being and suffering are equally important and concerning.

The behavior and typical assertions of Western liberals show that they constantly use a double-standard.


This is well illustrated by the attitude of liberal society towards females dressing sexy for getting ahead or manipulating men more easily. This is largely seen as “empowering” and if such a girl is gently complimented by a guy she dislikes, she is entirely justified in downrightly calling this sexual harassment.

This clearly spurns the Golden Rule. A nice and lovely girl wearing a mini-skirt because she likes being looked at won’t reply harshly to a man she is not interested in who respectfully and kindly asked her out.


And if a hardcore feminist wants to call me a “Christian Taliban” because of this, then I shall willingly and gladly accept that label.