The New Atheism as a hate group

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In “Why I am no longer a skeptic“, Stephen Bond gives us a striking analysis of all the flaws and immoral features of militant atheism (which disguises itself as “Skepticism”) regrouping folks such as Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchen among many other prominent members,

I find his criticism of the New Atheism all the more interesting because he himself remains a convinced atheist.

I agree with most of what he has written.

According to my numerous experiences with them, I see extremely strong parallels between anti-theists and far right hate groups in terms of the cognitive errors (overgeneralization, filtering, polarized thinking…) and the hateful rhetoric they use.

Interestingly enough, most English-speaking militant atheists are often hardcore capitalists who support Western imperialism and view communism and socialism as irrational religions which ought to disappear too.

The New Atheism is to atheism (which has a respectable intellectual tradition) what fundamentalism is to Christianity: a shame and an embarrassment.

I believe that people constantly advocating the use of emotional bullying, ridicule and mockery towards their opponents are utterly unworthy of our respect.

We should despise antitheists in the same way we ought to despise hateful religious bigots for they are two sides of the same coin.